Jean-Christophe Roche

»Curriculum Vitae


Heads team: François Sillion
RealReflect project: Cyril Soler
Project - RealReflect - This project is a part of the IST-2001-34744 program. This is a research and developement project planned over three years. The goals of the RealReflect project are the development new simulation and visualization methods in the context of Virtual Prototyping (VR), the new techniques, standards and interfaces for data exchange developed in this project being an engine for economic development. On the technical level this project combines aspects of data acquisition for materials and ligth sources, light simulation, and realistic and physically correct visualization in VR-displays. The role of the ARTIS team in this project are (1) to transfer its scientific knowledge in the domain of simulation of the light equilibrium in complex environments and (2) to develop new methods for obtaining a realistic solution in accordance with the physical data.
A software has been developped in C++: the High Quality Renderer (HQR).

Curriculum Vitae


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