My Augmented Virtuality Screen

Have you some limited place to put phone number, personal code, or todo things on your computer desktop environment ? You don't love post-it program ? How can you access rapidly to personal static information ?

For me post-it programs are too limited and not usable : for fast-acess they don't respect window layout management and provide some conflict to put on focus some window, occlude some information, limited screen resolution to have a large quantity of post-it. Generally people use different file put on their desktop, or on a special directory, but also difficult to directly access (need to remove some window, or find the file on your explorer).


We propose to extend your virtual desktop with real information based on free space around your virtual space, the border of your screen. This border represent the transition between the real and the virtual, and you can consider a dilatation of your virtual screen on the reality. They can also define periphery of your virtual screen, transform here to real. The main advantages are :

  • a real place furnish good proprioperception of your element, less dynamic that a virtual desktop.
  • you can use an empty space in arm reach that furnish a fast way to access of information.
  • you write faster with a pen on a post-it that with an editor or post-it program
  • the layout of post-it, choice of input style is better with direct writing
  • the post-it paper furnish an interesting choice in size for multiple layout of different elements.

The Prototype

We layout information on four parts, in Up,Down,Left,Right Direction : static personal information, computer todo, administrative todo, and workplan (short/and long).
Static personal information are information that you need to access all your times like phone number, password, emacs short-cut. Put Down, they are generally in the gaze direction, and need few head movement to access it.
Workplan are what to do this week, this month and in general. Put Up, they constraint user to move up is head for consult them, break a continuity of a previous work, and force useer to concentrate on this information.
Computer todo are software and hardware stuff to do in short time.
Administrative stuff are conference deadline, demo and presentation to prepare.

Each post-it is attach with a special gum, generally use for put poster on your wall. This material provide a sufficient glue and detach capabilities perfect for short-time attach of post-it.

The Bridge Prototype

we plan to extend it with a virtual bridge in the border of virtual screen for retrieve some information and have read or shortcut access on it : click on phone number to dial, click to a note for open a dedicated project file..etc..