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Since March 2007, i'm a post-doc in the ALICE team working with Bruno Levy. I'm a member of the Geometric intelligence project, funded by Microsoft Research. The main objective of this project is to design new solutions to convert a raw representation of a 3D object into a higher-level representation. More details on my new page soon....

I'm a third year PhD student at ARTIS under the supervision of Francois Sillion, Nicolas Holzschuch and Cyril Soler.
My work interest is relative to the extraction of semantic information in a 3d scene with only geometric information.

Now, i'm focusing on the instancing process, which is an approved and well-known concept to save space for storage of 3D scenes but can also be beneficial in rendering process as well as interactive modeling. Our goal is to automatically extract this information from incoherent geometry, i.e. polygon soup ( Ongoing work).

My research has also lead to the development of an automatic method capable of recovering any symmetries of a 3D model, independantly of its pose or its topology;in particular, it does not assume that the model has been tesselated in a manner consistent with the symmetries we attempt to identify. Applications of this work range from coherent remeshing of geometry with respect to the symetries of a shape, to geometric compression, intelligent mesh editing and automatic instantiation. ( Accept for publication to ACM TOG).

Previously, I've done my Master Thesis in Lyon, at the LIRIS laboratory under the supervision of Eric Galin. This work deals with the procedural modeling of cracks and fractures in solid materials such as glass, metal and stone. Existing physically based techniques are computationally demanding and lack control over crack and fracture propagation. Our procedural approach provides the designer with simple tools to control the pattern of the cracks and the size and shape of the fragments.
See the SMI 2004 paper for details.


Publications in 2007
Publications in 2006
ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 25, Number 2, page 439 - 464 - April 2006
Publications in 2005
Technical Report RR-5692, INRIA, Number RR-5692 - September 2005

Publications in 2004

Shape Modelling International (Short Paper ), page 346-349 - 2004

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Curriculum Vitae

2003/2006 PhD
2002/2003 Master Thesis
2000/2003 Engineering degree in Telecommunications and Network at ISTASE, Saint-Etienne, France.


Since October 2003, I'm a Teaching Assistant at Polytech'Grenoble and UFR IMA.




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