Phd Thesis Subject : Augmented Reality, High Quality Graphic and Collaborative Situations

Duration: 2000-April 2004
Fellowship Contract: MENRT (French Government)
Thesis Director: Claude Puech et Jean-Dominique Gascuel
Group/Lab: ARTIS Group (old iMAGIS Group) in GRAVIR Lab
University: Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, France.

Presentation : Augmented reality can be defined by the possibility to add virtual information on our real environment. For example, 3D virtual object can be put on table, and a user can interact with this information DIRECTLY on the real environment. An important number of collaborative activities,in context of round-table setup, can take advantages of this new kind of environment : meeting, review, briefing, debriefing, professional presentation, board game...
This tool can be use to visualize and interact with information (virtual or real) and always keep natural metaphor of communication (gesture,verbal).
In our case, we are interesting in study and realization of a complete multi-user system based on high quality graphic environment ( real time application, realist rendering). The system must be use in domain based on 3D visualisation (architecture, urban planning, virtual prototyping, scientific visualization). The system must furnish the possibility of easily interact with virtual and real object integrate in the same space.

Difficulties :
  • based on user-centric design, identify user task in this context (description, application scenario).
  • define an modular, extensible hardware and software architecture.
  • provide accuracy tracking of object and user movement (hand, head).
  • good registration between real and virtual world (calibration problem, noise signal, latency).
  • interaction technique for 3D AR (TUI, hand, props).
  • realist integration of virtual and real object (occultation, lighting).
  • multi-user management (private view, protection, coupling user).
  • evaluate the system, and his usability. (observations, measurements).

Ressources :

  • Onyx 3000 ( 3 pipes. 12 processors. 8 Go RAM) , PC laptop.
  • Optotrak 3020 Tracking System (24 leds IRED 60Hz),1 Flock of Birds,Wacom Tablet, SpaceMouse.
  • 2 I-Glasses display (1 see-through+ 1 custom built video see-through), projector.
  • OpenGL Performer, OpenGL.

Long Term Vision :

    This two short videos present a vision of an idealized system, in a multi-user game application.

    A virtual scene is naturally integrate with real elements (paper or laptop) place on a simple real table. Equipped with a tracked high resolution optical see-through HMD, and stereoscopic video cameras for vision tracking, user can naturally interact with real object with tracked finger (based on low intrusive approach), tracked pen, or tangible user interface.
    3d animations, virtual FX, can be deliver like simplicity of video game but with real condition.

Results  More informations on the Phd defense page.